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400 mg * 30 pills


Take one capsule daily, with warm water in the morning. 

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[Main ingredients]   

【 main ingredient 】
Konjac flour, oligosaccharides, malt, chitin, poria cocos, dietary fiber, apple picking up, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2


Simplicity fatness, youth hood fatness. Post part fatness It is specially applicable to those who are what is called "general big abdomen" and "elephant leg".   



400mg x 30 Capsules   


Take one capsule daily, with warm water in the morning. 

[Storage method]   

Store it at cool and dry place.   

The Product has been made through many years clinic research by Zhanersi the professor of American Gene Bio-medicine Technology Research Center and applying advanced biology medicine extraction technology. It is the new medicine taken mixing with boiling water that has passed state drug and food GMP standard certification. It has effects of discharging grease, reducing fact, smoothing intestines, beatifying skin effects with rapid effect and getting effective in a day, with fruits and multi-vitamin formula and equal nutrition ,it can effectively nourish skin, discharge in grease and slim, with safety and free from toxin ,is a new skin care, slimming healthy food that can treat what is called "bucket waist" and "general big abdomen " and " elephant leg". 


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